Organizational Change and Transformation

Change Management and Transformation

Planned or unplanned, externally or internally prompted, change is always shaking up the customary structure and way of doing things. It develops its own dynamics and sometimes leads to the inability to act accordingly. We partner with you to walk together through the entire process. We support you in maximizing your capacity to actively integrate change and align it with your company’s objectives. Our purpose is to help you help yourself in the future. We want you to become independent of, rather than dependent on, us. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Strategic Planning and Alignment

We help you identify and define specific goals to achieve the business results you desire, and create an action plan to implement these goals. We assess your current situation, interview key team members and, if necessary, design a customized survey to capture the input of the larger staff. Together we identify and prioritize short-, mid- and long-term areas to focus on, and create the path and implement the strategies and actions that get you the results you want. Most important: aligning your strategy with the goals and the culture of your organization. That way, you bring the best to the market: highest level of quality and authentic business conduction. Contact us for a free consultation.

Leadership Development

Leadership is about creating challenge. Challenging the way things have been done, assumptions, themselves and staff with new possibilities and responsibility. Doing the right things includes providing the environment and enabling employees to connect with each other and to create the reality that is needed to achieve the desired business goals. We support leaders in developing the capacity to create and maintain exactly that: A culture for their employees to engage and to commit to producing superior business results. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

Organizational Culture

 ... is the heart of your company and created anew every day. It is shaped by your company's history and determines your employees’ actions, internal procedures, business outcome, product quality, partnerships, as well as customer relations and satisfaction. Studies on organizational behavior show that people welcome change and new behavior more easily when they can connect it to what already exists and works. Understanding your core values, key strengths and success factors will help you create the culture that reflects what you stand for, facilitates growth and fosters commitment and enthusiasm in your employees and partners. Contact us for a free consultation.


Anticipating change, but more importantly innovation and setting trends yourself, is the only way to guarantee survival in this ever faster changing business environment. Accessing the collective wisdom of your company and tapping into the creativity of your employees is key to product innovation, business model innovation and social innovation. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Intercultural Settings

The internationalization of companies offers amazing opportunities to advance success. When global offices bring together cultures, knowledge grows and cross-cultural skills expand. Virtual collaboration fosters the internationalization of processes. However, through globalization and trans-nationalization, leadership and employees also face new challenges in their daily interactions. To minimize the effect of those challenges, we help you navigate the gelling together and support you in defining and implementing common strategies that helps your organization achieve its goals. Contact us to schedule a free consultation!