How we work

Holistic and Systemic Approach

No part of your organization can exist on its own; all parts are interrelated and interdependent. Changing even the smallest part of your organization will lead to a change in other parts, and it is the degree of alignment of the parts that predicts your company’s success. Understanding your organization’s underlying values, goals and principles will help maximizing that alignment.

Maximal Staff Engagement

Individuals are part of teams, and teams are part of larger organizations. Each is affected by the actions of the other; each has a vested interest in the future of the business. Also, employees have a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. Tapping into their wisdom and including them in the conversation creates broad-based support and ensures a positive, whole system impact of any change process.

Maximal Leadership Involvement

Leadership plays a tremendously powerful role in making any organizational development project a success. Leaders need to walk the talk and teach by example. Only then will any change project be taken seriously by the staff. Only then will staff be inspired to choose their roles in the business and be accountable for their own and the company’s outcomes.

Focus on the Best to Create the Desired Future

Building and sustaining momentum for change requires everyone to work with a mind set of hope, inspiration and a sense of urgency. People are energized by focusing on what works well. Therefore, to create the positive energy necessary to generate continuous change, we build on the capacities and strengths that already exist within the organization and its employees and support you in doing more of it to achieve the desired future .

Using Multiple Ways of Learning and Understanding

Research shows that people devise superior solutions when using both their left (language, rational) and right (visual, creative) brain. Hence, we don’t just use conventional methods of training. We create desired results employing creative assessment tools, innovative coaching and consulting methods, such as graphic facilitation, professional dramatic techniques, role play, simulations, surprise and, most importantly, humor.